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Search Dates01/04/2021 to 30/04/2021
IDLodgedDescriptionAddressStatusProject Type
PLA21/005630/04/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL15/025797 by the construction of a shed (Planning Permit PL15/025797 was issued for buildings and works for the construction of a garage)8 Yeoman Court PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Preliminary AssessmentPending
PLN21/017030/04/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings11 Jeffrey Street TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/014929/04/2021Carry out retrospective and additional earthworks89-91 Gosford Court PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Preliminary Assessment 
PLA21/005529/04/2021Amended Planning Permit PL94/006967 by amending plans to show the removal of a gum tree from front yard of Unit 1 25 Glendale Avenue Templestowe 3106 Planning Permit PL94/006967 was issued for a dual occupancy1/25 Glendale Avenue TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106No Permit RequiredPending
PLN21/016629/04/2021Four lot subdivision40 Windella Quadrant DONCASTER VIC 3108Preliminary Assessment 
PVN21/006529/04/2021Two lot subdivision1 Box Court TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Permit 
PVN21/006628/04/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a pergola associated with the existing dwelling86-90 Webb Street WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Permit 
PLN21/015328/04/2021Removal and lopping of vegetation (required for the construction of a new footpath on McGowans Road between Springvale Road and Flora Road)McGowans Road DONVALE VIC 3111Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/015428/04/2021Removal and lopping of vegetation (required for the construction of new storm water drains within the road reserve of Dalry Avenue and the existing drainage easements at the rear of 92 to 100 Arundel Road and 2 to 22 Euston Avenue)Road Reserve Arundel Road PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Further Information Required 
PVN21/006428/04/2021Two lot subdivision140 Tunstall Road DONVALE VIC 3111Permit 
PLA21/005427/04/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN19/0663 through new revised plans showing one additional window for dwelling 2 and additional front fence for dwelling 1 & 2 Planning permit PLN19/0663 was issued for Construction of two, two storey dwellings13 Boyd Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Preliminary AssessmentPending
PLN21/016227/04/2021Construction of three, two-storey dwellings (with one dwelling incorporating a basement garage)18 Magnolia Drive TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Preliminary Assessment 
PVN21/006327/04/2021Two lot subdivision6 Joroma Place WONGA PARK VIC 3115Permit 
PLN21/016127/04/2021Construction of two, two storey dwellings18 Glenfern Avenue DONCASTER VIC 3108Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/015825/04/2021Buildings and works associated with constructing a new Colorbond roof and external gutters.10 Yeoman Court PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/015623/04/2021Buildings and works for alterations and additions to the existing dwelling2-4 Feversham Avenue PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/015122/04/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings354 Serpells Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/015222/04/2021Buildings and works associated with rectification of the stable and barn/storage shed under the Heritage Overlay7 Yarra Brae Close WONGA PARK VIC 3115Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/015722/04/2021Removal of Drainage and Sewerage Easement E-1 as shown on Lot 10 of Plan of Subdivision 126244 Volume 9326 Folio 5346 Miramar Court DONVALE VIC 3111Advertising 
PVN21/006222/04/2021Two lot subdivision11 Meryl Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLA21/005221/04/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN19/0659 by removing 46 additional trees for civil works (Planning Permit PLN19/0659 was issued in accordance with the endorsed plans for an eight lot subdivision, removal of vegetation and creation of an easement and restrictions)Marist Brothers Province Centre 7 Tuscany Rise TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Information Received from ApplicantPending
PLN21/015020/04/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings14 Raven Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Advertising 
PLA21/004820/04/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL17/027471 by including a swimming pool and spa area, shed and garage and removal of two additional trees (Planning Permit PL17/027471 was issued for buildings and works for construction of a dwelling, driveway and associated vegetation removal)27 Kenilworth Avenue WONGA PARK VIC 3115Preliminary AssessmentPending
PVN21/006120/04/2021Two lot subdivision47 Finlayson Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PLN21/014819/04/2021Construction of four, two-storey dwellings with associated basement levels50 Winston Drive DONCASTER VIC 3108Preliminary Assessment 
PLN21/014719/04/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings1 Eden Court DONCASTER VIC 3108Preliminary Assessment 
PLA21/004119/04/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN19/0089 by alterations including window configurations and retaining walls (Planning Permit PLN19/0089 was issued for Construction of two, two storey dwellings)15 Larkspur Avenue DONCASTER VIC 3108Preliminary AssessmentPending
PLA21/004216/04/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN18/0688 by deleting Condition 12, which required the construction of outfall drainage (Planning Permit PLN18/0688 was issued for the construction of one, two-storey dwelling to the front of the existing dwelling)22 Whittens Lane DONCASTER VIC 3108Ready to ReportPending
PLA21/004715/04/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL12/023196 by modifying the floor levels (including increases of up to 130mm) and the wall heights (including increases of up to 1.135m) of the dwellings (Planning Permit PL12/023196 was issued for the construction of more than one dwelling on a lot (not more than 16 dwellings within a three storey development) generally in accordance with the endorsed plans88 Whittens Lane DONCASTER VIC 3108Further Information RequiredPending
PLN21/014515/04/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings3 Minaki Avenue DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Further Information Required