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Search Dates17/09/2023 to 23/09/2023
IDLodgedDescriptionAddressStatusProject Type
PVN23/014611/09/2023Two lot subdivision18 Helene Street BULLEEN VIC 3105Permit 
PVN23/014511/09/2023Two lot subdivision27 Dehnert Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN23/01415/09/2023Two lot subdivision10 Nottingwood Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN23/01395/09/2023Construction of a front fence associated with the existing dwelling102-108 Knees Road PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Permit 
PLA23/010823/08/2023Amendment to Planning Permit 12109 for the inclusion of signs and associated works (Planning Permit 12109 was issued for the development of the site for the purpose of ancillary signage to a restaurant, liquor license and waiver of car parking in accordance with the endorsed plan)1 Village Avenue DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PVN23/013523/08/2023Buildings and works for the construction of a carport associated with the existing dwelling11 Hodson Road WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Permit 
PLN23/032514/08/2023Three lot subdivision9 Soderlund Drive DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PLA23/00656/07/2023Amendment to Planning Permit PLN21/0639 by modifying internal layouts, the consequential addition of a habitable room window, changes to window locations and window types, and modifying building materials (Planning Permit PLN21/0639 was issued for the construction of two, two-storey dwellings)25 Walter Street BULLEEN VIC 3105Permit 
PLA23/00554/05/2023Amendment to Planning Permit PL17/027246 by changes to boundary fencing, increased wall heights (at ground and first floor levels), incorporating an above-ground on-site stormwater detention system and new retaining walls and safety barriers within the front setback, modifying landscaping, meter cabinets added to basement level, alteration to site meters and services in the street frontage, deletion of the first floor rear canopy to Dwelling 4, deletion of pergolas (Planning Permit PL17/027246 was issued for the construction of five, two-storey dwellings with an associated basement garage)30 Churchill Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLN23/01581/05/2023Buildings and works for the construction of an outbuilding297 Old Warrandyte Road RINGWOOD NORTH VIC 3134Permit 
PLA23/00541/05/2023Amendment to Planning Permit PLN19/0234 by internal alterations and variation to Condition 12 to alter the operating hours of the restricted recreation facility on Monday to Saturday, changing from 6am till 10pm to 5:30am till 10pm (Planning Permit PLN19/0234 was issued for - in accordance with the endorsed plans: - Buildings and works associated with alterations and additions to the existing commercial buildings (including first floor extension), - The use of the land for a restricted recreation facility (gym) - A reduction in the standard car parking requirements (17 car spaces), and - Business identification signs, including Illuminated business identification signs)1/4 Launders Avenue WONGA PARK VIC 3115Permit 
PLN23/008816/03/2023Buildings and works for the construction of a fence entry gate and associated fence, earthworks associated with driveway areas , construction of a deck and vegetation removal134-136 Jumping Creek Road WONGA PARK VIC 3115Permit 
PLN23/00756/03/2023Buildings and works for the construction of a two-storey dwelling and associated vegetation removal142 Brysons Road WONGA PARK VIC 3115Permit 
PLN22/05318/12/2022Buildings and works to construct a dwelling and the construction of a front fence58 Atkinson Street TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PLN22/005417/02/2022Construction of seven, two and three storey dwellings with associated basement car parking, removal of Easement E-3 for Lot 14 on Plan of Subdivision 041591 and creation and alteration of access to a road in a Transport Zone 2103 James Street TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Application Refused 
PLA21/001020/01/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL10/021580 by modifying Condition 10.1 to change the words '150 patrons' to '350 patrons'. (Planning Permit PL10/021580 was issued for buildings and works including alterations to the existing building, a new restaurant building, new function centre building, new wine tasting and cellar door sales area, chapel, extension to the existing kitchen area, additional on-site car parking, vegetation removal, alteration to access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1, variation to the standard car parking requirement, and wastewater treatment works)2-54 Croydon Road WARRANDYTE SOUTH VIC 3134WithdrawnPending