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Search Dates01/04/2021 to 30/04/2021
IDLodgedDescriptionAddressStatusProject Type
PLA21/005529/04/2021Amended Planning Permit PL94/006967 by amending plans to show the removal of a gum tree from front yard of Unit 1 25 Glendale Avenue Templestowe 3106 Planning Permit PL94/006967 was issued for a dual occupancy1/25 Glendale Avenue TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106No Permit RequiredPending
PVN21/006222/04/2021Two lot subdivision11 Meryl Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN21/006120/04/2021Two lot subdivision47 Finlayson Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PVN21/006013/04/2021Two lot subdivision7 Hamal Street DONVALE VIC 3111Permit 
PLN21/013312/04/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a garage and removal of four trees13 Illawong Drive DONVALE VIC 3111Further Information Required 
PVN21/005709/04/2021Building and works for the construction of a garage addition to the existing dwelling3 Moser Road WONGA PARK VIC 3115Permit 
PVN21/005609/04/2021Two lot subdivision25 Lindsay Street BULLEEN VIC 3105Permit 
PVN21/005409/04/2021Two lot subdivision31 Lynne Street DONVALE VIC 3111Permit 
PVN21/005309/04/2021Two lot subdivision5 Cavalier Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN21/005208/04/2021Construction of a front fence1/57 Manningham Road BULLEEN VIC 3105No Permit Required 
PVN21/005108/04/2021Removal of one exotic tree11 Aminga Avenue DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN21/004931/03/2021Two lot subdivision22 Heysham Way TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PVN21/004831/03/2021Two lot subdivision6 Aumann Drive TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PVN21/004731/03/2021Two lot subdivision33 Margot Avenue DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PVN21/004629/03/2021Removal of a dead/dying/dangerous tree from a schoolDonvale Christian College 155 Tindals Road DONVALE VIC 3111Permit 
PVN21/004529/03/2021Two lot subdivision3 Carrathool Street BULLEEN VIC 3105Permit 
PLN21/010924/03/2021Removal of one native tree58-64 Hall Road WARRANDYTE SOUTH VIC 3134Permit 
PVN21/003923/03/2021Removal of one native tree13 Bursaria Rise DONVALE VIC 3111Permit 
PLN21/010822/03/2021Three lot subdivision5 Morinda Crescent DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLN21/010016/03/2021Three lot subdivision38 Mandella Street TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PLA21/003515/03/2021Amendment to Planning Application PL15/025388 to show a verandah on Dwelling 2. Planning Permit PL15/025388 was issued for Construction of two-two storey dwellings25A King Street TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106WithdrawnPending
PLN21/008810/03/2021Four lot subdivision2 Leura Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLN21/008710/03/2021Four lot subdivision18 Dryden Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLN21/008305/03/2021Two lot subdivision48 Finlayson Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PVN21/003204/03/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a garage associated with the existing dwelling36 Leber Street WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Permit 
PVN21/003103/03/2021Buildings and works for facade alterationsTunstall Square Shopping Centre 10 Tunstall Square DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLN21/007902/03/2021Four lot subdivision18 Ashford Street TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Permit 
PLA21/002725/02/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN20/0207 by amending the bushfire management plan, modifying Condition 1.2 by proposing a minor recess to the upper level northern wall from the ground floor wall instead of a 0.5m recess and associated modifications to the plans. (Planning Permit PLN20/0207 was issued for buildings and works for the construction of a two-storey dwelling)8 Rindlebrook Place WONGA PARK VIC 3115PermitPending
PLN21/007124/02/2021Two lot subdivision49 Tristania Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLA21/002522/02/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL17/027140 by amending plans to show a larger deck.1/162 Andersons Creek Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109PermitPending