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IDLodgedDescriptionAddressStatusProject Type
PLA20/016904/11/2020Amendment to Planning Permit PLN19/0007 by increasing the number of dwellings from 6 to 7, reduction in the food and drink premises area (to 49sqm), alterations to access arrangements, lowering the floor levels, reduction in overall building height by approximately 0.7m, minor internal layout changes and alteration to window screenings. (Planning Permit PLN19/0007 was issued for the use and development of a three-storey building comprising 6 dwellings and a food and drink premises and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1)176 Bulleen Road BULLEEN VIC 3105AdvertisingPending
PLN20/055301/12/2020Construction of three, two-storey dwellings27 Templemore Drive TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Advertising 
PLN21/002727/01/2021Construction of three, two-storey dwellings and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1173 Andersons Creek Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Advertising 
PLN21/008002/03/2021Construction of one, two-storey dwelling and one, single-storey dwelling281 Porter Street TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Advertising 
PLN21/009212/03/2021Construction of one, three-storey dwelling and two, two-storey dwellings9 Ernst Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Advertising 
PLN21/009715/03/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings5 Ralund Road DONCASTER VIC 3108Advertising 
PLN21/014929/04/2021Earthworks to create a levelled area (retrospective application)89-91 Gosford Court PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Advertising 
PLN21/018307/05/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings10 Zeus Court TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Advertising 
PLN21/019714/05/2021Buildings and works for alterations and additions to the existing dwelling118 Brysons Road WARRANDYTE SOUTH VIC 3134Advertising 
PLN21/020919/05/2021Construction of eight, two-storey dwellings285 George Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Advertising 
PLN21/021502/06/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings98 Dellfield Drive TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Advertising 
PLN21/022528/05/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings14 Polaris Drive DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Advertising 
PLN21/022902/06/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings6 Michael Street TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Advertising 
PLN21/023201/06/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 130 Wetherby Road DONCASTER VIC 3108Advertising 
PLA21/007204/06/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN19/0613 by the addition of a pool house outbuilding in the south-west corner of the site, with associated terraced landscaping works. (Planning Permit PLN19/0613 was issued for buildings and works for an extension to the existing dwelling)14 Mitchell Avenue WARRANDYTE VIC 3113AdvertisingPending
PLN21/025411/06/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings73 Darvall Street DONVALE VIC 3111Advertising 
PLN21/026021/06/2021Construction of a two-storey dwelling309 George Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Advertising 
PLN21/026122/06/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings and two lot subdivision24 Verene Avenue TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Advertising 
PLN21/027424/06/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings1 Potter Court TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Advertising 
PLN21/028802/07/2021Construction of four dwellings (two, single-storey and two, two-storey)13 Innisfallen Avenue TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Advertising 
PLN21/029102/07/2021Removal of Vegetation (Comprising 18 Exotic Trees and 1 Indigenous Tree)312-316 Springvale Road DONVALE VIC 3111Advertising 
PLN21/030109/07/2021Construction of three, two-storey dwellings10 Roderick Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Advertising 
PLN21/030508/07/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a single dwelling and associated vegetation removal29-31 Harris Road DONVALE VIC 3111Advertising 
PLN21/030709/07/2021Construction of a single-storey dwelling adjacent to the existing dwelling and two lot subdivision8 Roymar Court WONGA PARK VIC 3115Advertising 
PLN21/030908/07/2021Buildings and works associated with the construction of a single dwelling2 Mopoke Lane DONVALE VIC 3111Advertising 
PLA21/009623/07/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN18/0260 by changes to building footprints and setbacks, reduction of the finished floor levels of Dwelling 1, altered roof form from pitched to flat, altered wall and building heights, alterations to the facades and internal reconfigurations (Planning Permit PLN18/0260 was issued for the construction of two, two-storey dwellings with associated basement garages)9 Kevin Court DONVALE VIC 3111AdvertisingPending
PLA21/009823/07/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL16/026255 by alterations including layout, setbacks, open space and car parking (Planning Permit PL16/026255 was issued for the construction of three, multi-storey dwellings)19 Lawford Street DONCASTER VIC 3108AdvertisingPending
PLA21/009923/07/2021Amend Planning Permit PL16/026510 to delete permit condition 1A:1.4 which relates to removing the retaining wall, pools and decks from the easement Planning Permit PL16/026510 was issued for the construction of two, two-storey dwellings34 Sandra Street BULLEEN VIC 3105AdvertisingPending
PLN21/034127/07/2021Buildings and works for alterations and additions to the existing dwelling (Ground floor additions comprising a new pantry and ensuite, and lower ground additions comprising a garage extension and mower/gardening storage, workshop and wine cellar)2 Carel Court PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Advertising 
PLA21/011309/08/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL17/027725 by earthworks to incorporate a lower ground level at the south-eastern end of the dwelling, and an associated gravel access area. (Planning Permit PL17/027725 was issued for alterations and additions to the existing dwelling)10-12 Reserve Road WONGA PARK VIC 3115AdvertisingPending
PLN21/037612/08/2021Construction of two, two-storey dwellings33 Rosella Street DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Advertising 
PLN21/038113/08/2021Use and development of the land for a dwelling, swimming pool and associated earthworks and removal of vegetation.10 Logan Avenue PARK ORCHARDS VIC 3114Advertising 
PLN21/038419/08/2021Use of land for a shop (Supermarket), buildings and works and the display of illuminated business identification signs233-239 Blackburn Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Advertising 
PLN21/038516/08/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a two-storey dwelling and associated vegetation removal59 Wood Street TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Advertising 
PLN21/039719/08/2021Construction of three (3) dwellings8 Edith Court DONCASTER VIC 3108Advertising 
PLN21/039826/08/2021Removal of one treeYarra Street WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Advertising 
PLN21/040824/08/2021Buildings and works associated with a single storey dwelling extension.54 Lynette Avenue WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Advertising 
PLN21/040927/08/2021Construction of one, single-storey dwelling36 Brackenbury Street WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Advertising 
PLN21/041026/08/2021Construction of a double storey dwelling21 Bursaria Rise DONVALE VIC 3111Advertising 
PLA21/013508/10/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL14/024675 by buildings and works to create a new outdoor seating area, reduction in car parking requirements and extension to the area where liquor can be sold or consumed in association with the existing convenience restaurant (Planning Permit PL14/024675 was issued for Buildings and works for the construction of car parking associated with a convenience restaurant, use of the land for the sale and consumption of liquor (Restaurant and Cafe Licence), display of internally illuminated signage, reduction in the amount of car parking required pursuant to Clause 52.06 and, a reduction in the amount of bicycle spaces required pursuant to Clause 52.34)999 Doncaster Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Advertising