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Search Dates01/11/2021 to 30/11/2021
IDLodgedDescriptionAddressStatusProject Type
PLN21/062328/11/2021Removal of vegetation (Inclusive of consent for vegetation removal under Clause 3.1.2 of the Section 173 Agreement (Instrument AR596112R))3 Vassil Court WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Permit 
PVN21/020523/11/20212 lot subdivision13 Boyd Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PVN21/020319/11/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a shed61 O'Briens Lane TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PVN21/020017/11/2021Installing a Solar PV system on rooftop under heritage overlay.Templestowe Retirement Village 154/29 Fitzsimons Lane TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PVN21/019915/11/2021Construction of an above-ground swimming pool associated with an existing single dwelling12 Vernon Street DONVALE VIC 3111No Permit Required 
PLN21/058713/11/2021Removal of one native tree80 Holloway Road WONGA PARK VIC 3115No Permit Required 
PVN21/019608/11/2021Buildings and works associated with the construction of a patio.6 Glenvill Court TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PLN21/056405/11/2021Removal of the Gum tree located along the left hand side of the property.13 St Denys Crescent WONGA PARK VIC 3115No Permit Required 
PVN21/019301/11/2021Installation of Spa, Deck and Safety Barriers30 Monckton Road TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106No Permit Required 
PVN21/018926/10/2021Buildings and works for the extension of the existing dwelling for a verandah1/34 Morna Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN21/018725/10/2021Construction of a verandah on a lot less than 300sqm in area.14/224 Williamsons Road DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PVN21/018525/10/2021Construction of a front fence1B Woodhouse Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN21/018422/10/2021Construction of a shed19 Houghton Road WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Permit 
PVN21/018221/10/2021Buildings and works for the construction of additions and alterations to the existing dwelling30 Leber Street WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Permit 
PLN21/054312/10/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a verandah associated with the existing dwelling1/8 Chippewa Avenue DONVALE VIC 3111Permit 
PLN21/049705/10/2021Use of the land for an indoor recreation facility (Pilates, yoga and meditation classes)8/35 Drysdale Road WARRANDYTE VIC 3113Permit 
PLN21/047030/09/2021Use of the land for Motor Repairs, buildings and works for alterations to the existing building, put up for display business identification signs and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1566 Doncaster Road DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PLN21/047929/09/2021Six lot subdivision49 Turana Street DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PLN21/047327/09/2021Two lot subdivision29 Jacana Avenue TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Permit 
PLN21/046522/09/202193 lot staged subdivision57 Stables Circuit DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PLN21/046121/09/2021Three lot subdivision15-17 Highview Drive DONCASTER VIC 3108Permit 
PLA21/012616/09/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL13/023693 by incorporating a1.4m high front fence to Dwelling 2 (Planning Permit PL13/023693 was issued for the construction of one two-storey dwelling and one two-storey dwelling with an undercroft garage)12 Riverwood Lane TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107Permit 
PLA21/012414/09/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PVN20/0174 by changing the number of lots from two to three (Planning Permit PVN20/0174 was issued for a two lot subdivision)148 Blackburn Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PVN21/014910/09/2021Buildings and works for the construction of a verandah associated with the existing dwelling5/416 Church Road TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PVA21/000807/09/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PVN21/0073 by modifying the common property area (Planning Permit PVN21/0073 was issued for a two lot subdivision)12 Chippendale Court TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PLA21/012006/09/2021Amend Planning Permit PL16/026830 by plans showing changes to retaining walls (as constructed, )and to add exterior screens to first floor windows instead of obscure glazing Planning Permit PL16/026830 was issued for the construction of 4 two storey dwelling.14 Princeton Place TEMPLESTOWE VIC 3106Permit 
PLN21/041026/08/2021Construction of a double storey dwelling21 Bursaria Rise DONVALE VIC 3111Permit 
PLA21/011719/08/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PLN18/0438 by alterations to the floor plan layout and subsequent window changes (Planning Permit PLN18/0438 was issued for construction of two, two-storey dwellings)23 Maxia Road DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109Permit 
PLA21/010513/08/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL16/026018 by modifying window screening, modified driveway gradients and internal reconfigurations (Planning Permit PL16/026018 was issued for the construction of three, two-storey dwellings and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1)27 Foote Street TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107PermitPending
PLA21/011012/08/2021Amendment to Planning Permit PL16/025964 by modifying driveway and landscape areas and subsequent changes to Conditions 1.15 and 3.4 (Planning Permit PL16/025964 was issued for the construction of a second two-storey dwelling and 2 lot subdivision)28 Verene Avenue TEMPLESTOWE LOWER VIC 3107PermitPending