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Application Details
Application NumberPLN21/0307
DescriptionConstruction of a single-storey dwelling adjacent to the existing dwelling and two lot subdivision
Application TypeDevelopment for 2 - 14 dwellings
StageReady to Report
Application Received09/07/2021
Estimated Cost of Works$360,000.00

Address8 Roymar Court WONGA PARK VIC 3115
Land DescriptionLot 5 LP 81754 Vol 8929 Fol 330

Additional Information
Responsible OfficerRowan LaBrooy
Contact Phone Number9840 9320
Further Information Requested 
Further Information Request Date08/10/2021
Further Information Received Date06/10/2021
Advertising RequirementRequired
Advertising Period Start07/10/2021
Advertising Period End27/10/2021
Re-Advertising Period Start 
Re-Advertising Period End 
Number of Submissions Received4
Submitters Meeting Date 
Council Meeting Date 
Decision Date 
Issue Date 
VCAT Lodgement Date 
VCAT Appeal No 
VCAT Decision 
VCAT Decision Date 
Responsible Authority OutcomeYes
Final OutcomeIn Progress
Final Outcome Date 
SPEAR ReferenceN/A

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